Sony PlayStation 3 has Gaming, Blu-ray… adds high-def DVR

Sony playtv

Sony’s PlayStation 3 will soon be used as a DVR

It will only be available in Europe for now, but Sony's "PlayTV" is a DVR add on for its PS3 that can record HD content, and even play back on a PSP.

Aug. 27, 2007 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

In the future will we just need a Sony PlayStation 3 (or whatever model they may be up to) and some surround sound for our full entertainment system? Sony announced last week that it will soon debut a device that acts as a digital video recorder (DVR) with the PlayStation 3, capable of recording and playing back high-def television.

Sony’s “PlayTV” features what it said are dual HD-ready tuners, and the recorded content—whether it’s a single show or entire season—will not only be able to be viewed on the TV, but can be sent to Sony’s popular PSP portable gaming device.

Now here’s the bad news—it appears this is a European-market-only add-on at the moment, and the company did not reveal any news regarding a possible U.S. rollout of the DVR-like PlayTV. So stay tuned. Maybe it will simply be incorporated into the PS4.

Via: MSNBC (and AP)

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