Sony’s New Bravia is Beautiful

Sony E4000

Sony’s new Bravia offers a crisp high-def picture, including when it displays still photos.

The upcoming Bravia E4000 offers edging that can match any decor.

Apr. 11, 2008 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Sony’s latest in the Bravia line could actually make you seem all thougthful and artsy—at least when it comes to your home decor.

The Bravia E4000 will display any of your favorite images via its Picture Frame Mode and a handy-dandy USB drive. It also has a few images “built in,” including landscapes, van Gogh, and the like. When in picture mode, Sony says you will not only enjoy bright still pictures, but also 35 percent less power consumption than the using the TV as usual background noise.

The E4000 also looks nice on the outside, offering a “picture frame” design, with edging in colors such as Midnight Sky, Aluminium, Pearly White and Dark Walnut.

Each of the 26-, 32- and 40-inch models offer high-def, as well as the ability to wall-mount. The units are expected to be available soon, although no exact release date or pricing details were announced.

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