Sony to Ship Personal Content Station in April


The wireless home device will launch in Japan before hitting the U.S. this summer.

Jan. 21, 2013 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Japanese consumers will be the first to sample Sony’s new Personal Content Station. The device, which debuted earlier this month at the 2013 CES, will go on sale in Japan on April 30.

Sony had previously said that the wireless home device will launch in the U.S. in June—and it looks like the company is sticking to that plan.

The Personal Content Station is designed to give users complete control over digital content, even if it’s stored on a variety of devices. This little hub connects wirelessly to a home network, where it will store, share and display photos and videos from any connected smartphones, tablets, cameras and camcorders.

Besides WiFi support, the Personal Content Station has 1TB of storage, a USB connection and a memory card slot. It will also pack in near field communications (NFC) technology. This is the latest buzz-worthy feature, which can transfer content to the Personal Content Station from portables using just one touch.

Other features include support for the PCS Manager app, a built-in video transcoder, and an HDMI interface for putting content on a large screen in up to 1080/60p quality. It also has the ability to communicate with Facebook and Twitter, so users can post photos and videos.

“Consumer technology is more mobile than ever, and the smartphone now is often a person’s primary camera,” said Viviano Cantu, director of consumer media marketing at Sony Electronics. “The challenge is, what do you do with all that content on your phone, and how do you easily share it with family and friends? This device answers those questions. With 1TB of space, it has enough storage capacity to become the wireless hub of all your personal content.”

Sony will start selling the Sony Personal Content Station (also known as the LLS-201) in the U.S. sometime this June. The MSRP is currently listed at $299.

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