Sony, Samsung Talk 3D, LCDs


Sony and Samsung meet to discuss LCD panels, 3D, and their strategic partnership.

Are Sony and Samsung talking up 3D standards?

May. 24, 2010 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

When you put the two leaders of two high-profile companies in a room, good things are bound to happen, right? 

Sony CEO Howard Stringer and Samsung chairman Lee Kun-hee met behind closed doors Monday for the first time since Lee returned to the top of Samsung in March.

While Sony says the meeting is just a regular discussion with its LCD partner, analysts are speculating that Sony is trying to secure more reliable panel supplies after a lackluster performance from a previous partnership with Sharp.

Other possible points of discussion are 3D standards. While source-to-sink standards for both Blu-ray and broadcast TV have been settled on, similar industry-wide standards for 3D glasses are nearly non-existent. Two major CE companies standardizing 3D glasses would be a coup for the industry, but it’s just speculation at this point. 

What isn’t speculation is Sony’s need for a steady supply of higher-end LCD panels. While there’s nothing technologically revolutionary in 3D-capable LCD panels, their 240Hz refresh rates make them more expensive than similar 120Hz panels. Sony’s recent partnership with Sharp was met with lackluster results, which may compound problems as display sales tick up in the midst of industry buzz and economic recovery.

And this Google TV thing might sell a TV or two.

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