Sony to End Production of RPTVs

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Sony will soon stop making rear-projection TV sets

Sony plans to halt production of rear-projection TVs early next year to concentrate on LCD and OLED production.

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Pretty soon we’ll have nothing but flat-panel TVs in our houses. Even if you can get a so-called “microdisplay” in larger sizes with 1080p resolution for less money.

At least, manufacturers seem to be headed that way, with Sony the most recent to take its manufacturing prowess out of the rear-projection TV business. The company said today it’s going to halt production of rear-projection TVs (RPTV) to concentrate on LCD and OLED display technologies.

Sony will stop producing RPTVs at three Japanese manufacturing plants as well as overseas in February, a company spokesman said.

With a focus on ultra-thin OLED displays, you can probably expect the manufacturing giant to start showing some larger versions of the 11-inch model that began selling in Japan in November.

But if you’re looking for a 60-inch high-def TV and have the room for an RPTV (hey, they have slimmed down quite a bit over the last few years), we’d say keep an eye out for some sweet Sony deals around Super Bowl time.

Via: Engadget (from Reuters)

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