Sony Builds 3D Pavilions in Time for World Cup


3D soccer fans in select cities will be treated to Sony 3D Experience Pavilions demoing World Cup footage and 3D products.

Sony will build 3D Experience Pavilions in select cities to demo 3D World Cup footage and 3D products.

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Crazy about soccer? Nuts for 3D? I’m guessing your head is about to explode waiting for the 2010 FIFA World Cup. 

If you haven’t been able to get your DirecTV 3D setup and your extra pairs of 3D glasses haven’t arrived yet, you may want to round up your band of hooligans and head to one of seven countries where Sony is installing 3D Experience Pavilions.

If you happen to take residence in Berlin, Mexico City, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, Rome and Sydney, or if you can’t grab scalped tickets outside of one of the stadiums in South Africa, head on over to one of the Sony 3D Experience Pavilions. 

You won’t be able to watch live matches, but you can check out highlights of matches in inflatable buildings that look like miniature Death Stars or Borg Cubes. Most important, you’ll be able to get a feel for Sony’s new 3D technology, displays, Blu-ray players and other products. 

Sadly for us U.S.-bound soccer fans, the price of a plane ticket to one of the pavilion locations will likely cost as much or more than our very own 3D display, so we’ll have to make do on our own. 

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