Sonos Update Adds Sirius Satellite Radio

Sonos controller

Sonos’ Controller for remote capability

Multiroom audio provider Sonos has release system software to bring Sirius Internet radio to up to 32 rooms in a whole-house solution.

Aug. 20, 2007 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Got Sonos for multiroom audio? Got Sirius for satellite radio subscription? Now you can tag-team ‘em to stream throughout your house.

The distributed audio provider and satellite radio company have partnered to allow Sirius subscribers to have their tunes roll in their houses without satellite radio hardware or a PC. Sonos will stream Sirius’ Internet Radio (more than 80 channels, including Howard Stern, Sirius Football Radio and plenty of music stations).

Combined with Sonos, that allows users to control their Sirius tunes wirelessly from a Sonos Controller in their hand.

The companies added that Sirius subscribers can upgrade to premium Sirius Internet radio for $2.99 per month, allowing for Sonos’ streaming capabilities. Or, non-subscribers can grab a subscription for $12.95 per month with Sonos, with Sirius via Sonos only available in the U.S.

Check out for a flash demonstration, and for more details.

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