Sonance Ships ‘Invisible’ Speaker Series


Sonance’s SAW subwoofer

Architectural loudspeaker guru Sonance is shipping its latest 'Invisible Speaker Series' products to custom installers, so they can soon hide in your homes.

May. 01, 2009 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

We hope your custom electronics professional is able to find the new speakers from Sonance when he opens the box—they’ll be part of the Invisible Speaker Series, so it could be tricky.

Sonance, which specializes in architectural loudspeakers that blend in with your walls and ceilings, is now shipping its new Invisible line of products, which include the SA3 and SA1.5 omnidirectional loudspeakers and the SAW subwoofer.

All three are highlighted by perfectly flat, acoustically transparent vellum overlay, which can be painted or even wallpapered over without worries of the sound missing a beat. A new MDF baffle material aids in the acoustics, and needing just 3 7/8 inches of depth and installable in standard 2x4 stud bays, the Invisible speakers make for easy and reliable installation in your walls or ceiling.

The flagship SA3 features a 48-square-inch planar-diaphragm driver and 8-inch conventional cone woofer in a completely concealable source. The SA1.5 features a 6.5-inch cone woofer, so there’s a tad less bass extension than the SA3.

Then again, if you really want to add some punchy bass to your room, the SAW subwoofer will have at it with dual 8-inch low-frequency drivers, powered by Sonance’s Sonamp A800 subwoofer amplifier.

While the speakers themselves blend in with your home’s architecture, pricing is meant to blend in well with your A/V budget: suggested retail is $1,400/pair on the SA3, $1,000/pair on the SA1.5 and $1,000 for the SAW.

Just get used to being asked where the heck that surround sound is coming from.

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