Sonance Blasts Bass from Your Ceiling

sonance bps-1

Sonance’s BPS-1 Bandpass Subwoofer System for your ceiling

Sonance's BPS-1 Bandpass Subwoofer System delivers bass as an in-ceiling flush-mounted subwoofer, for around $1,700.

Oct. 17, 2008 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Subwoofers sure ain’t what they used to be. Yeah, you can still get that giant cube subwoofer that doubles as a solid furniture stand in your media room. You can even get some sleeker models these days that stow unobtrusively in the walls or behind the couch, tucked out of the way.

Then there’s Sonance’s BPS-1 Bandpass Subwoofer. It’s from the same company that’s found architecturally pleasing ways to hide the rest of your speakers so you can turn home theater surround sound into a good guessing game for visitors.

The BPS-1, like many of Sonance’s other architectural loudspeakers, can be hidden in the ceiling and still deliver big bass.

Like other round and square in-ceiling speakers from Sonance, the BPS-1 Subwoofer System can be mounted flush with the ceiling, with a cabinet designed to mount to standard I-beams and joists. Flexible conduit delivers the bass to the flush-mounted, nearly invisible grille.

To blend in with your ceiling, finish components come in trimless and micro-trim options, with a choice of micro-perforated aluminum or fine-cloth grilles.

The BPS-1 is out this month, with MSRPs of $950 for the bandpass subwoofer, $37.50 for connectors, $200 for the mounting platform, and $550 for the recommended Sonance Sonamp A150 Power Amplifier to fuel the low-end output. We’re sure Lionel Richie would be jealous of these dancin’ on the ceiling grooves.


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