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How's this for home theater in a hallway?

May. 01, 2006 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

This home theater wasn’t even a room originally, but a hallway area that custom electronics company Audio Images and acoustics guru Anthony Grimani of Performance Media Industries (PMI) converted into a highly entertaining space.

Audio Images created the space by closing off several openings including access to the gear’s back panels from the outside of the house and an automated sliding door. The custom door by ATU Fabrication automatically slides shut and disappears into the wall. Motion detectors sense the guests’ approach, and the door automatically slides open or closed. The door can even be preset by the Crestron system to stay open or closed based on several criteria, and features a mechanism so it’s operable in case of power failure. ““It is a modern touch that really stuns people every time they see it,”” the homeowner says. The compact space was treated with a riser and seven motorized, leather-wrapped Acoustic Innovations chairs. The 61-inch plasma was calibrated by Nicholas Greico, the right-hand man of Imaging Science Foundation’s Joe Kane. Grimani of PMI specified speakers built into the cabinets with a baffle face and an absorptive cavity. The sound, according to Mark Ontiveros of Audio Images, is very accurate, tight, exciting, and easy to listen to without being fatiguing. Lutron-controlled Bruck lighting creates a stunning ambiance to the room, and is easy to use. The entire system is controlled by a Crestron two-way RF system.


  • Lexicon MC-12B Audio/Video Processor
  • Goldine EQ2B 2 Channel EQs
  • Dish Network 6000 HDTV Satellite Receiver
  • Marantz DV-12S1 Reference DVD Transport
  • Lexicon LX-7 THX 7 Channel THX Amplifier
  • Faroudja Native Rate Video Processor
  • NEC 61-inch plasma
  • Triad InWall Bronze/6 Power Subwoofers
  • Triad InWall Silver Dipole Surround Loudspeakers
  • Triad InRoom Silver Power Subwoofer
  • Triad InRoom Silver Monitor Loudspeakers
  • Surgex SX2120 20 Amp Power Conditioner
  • Crestron ST-1700C 1-Way RF Color Touchpanel
  • Crestron CNRFGWA 1-Way RF Receiver
  • Crestron CP2E Automation Controller
  • Tributaries Audio/Video Wires

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