Smarthome Puts a Spin on Power Outlets


Smarthome’s 360-degree outlets will fit a standard-size box; a screwless wall plate is included.

These electrical outlets rotate 360 degrees, allowing maximum flexibility in plugging in "wall warts."

Sep. 23, 2007 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

The home office can get pretty cluttered. Smarthome’s rotating outlets won’t give you more power, but they sure can make it a lot easier to shove more devices into those overloaded outlets.

For $10, Gizmodo says that these outlets pop right into your existing boxes, and provide power at just about any angle.

Even though they boast 360-degrees worth of rotation, Smarthome says that translates into about 18 “unique” positions. Seems like sort of a disappointment doesn’t it? I thought the options would be endless. Don’t worry though; that should be plenty for any kids looking to stick stuff in for a quick spin. I can smell the burnt hair already…

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