SmartFaucet Recognizes Your Face, Turns on Your Water


iHouse’s SmartFaucet features a touchscreen, allowing users to access e-mail, peruse a calendar, check the outside temperature and more.

The quirky iHouse product selects temperature and flow for individual users.

Apr. 22, 2009 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Tired of turning on your bathroom faucet and arduously adjusting the temperature every single morning?

iHouse provides a solution in the form of SmartFaucet, which includes a facial screening application to recognize the user and automatically turn on the water to his or her desired temperature and flow.


The SmartFaucet also features a touchscreen, allowing users to access e-mail, peruse a calendar and check the outside temperature among other things, according to

When a user steps to the faucet the facial recognition technology identifies them and quickly heats the water to the desired temperature. For instance, a husband might prefer using hot water to brush his teeth while his wife might use lukewarm water.

(It’s unknown, at this point, how many marriages the SmartFaucet has saved.)

The SmartFaucet uses integrated LEDs in the tap to show the variation of temperature, with transition from blue to red for higher temperatures, according to

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