Smart Switch Minimizes Moisture in the Bathroom


Built-in humidity sensoir turns on and off exhaust fan automatically.

Feb. 20, 2013 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Those long, hot showers feel good, but that condensation build-up is no good for the walls and cabinetry. Exhaust fans can help expel the moisture. Sometimes, though, you might not remember to flip the switch to activate the fan … or to flip it off, for that matter. On the one hand, you might be promoting the spread of mold; on the other, you’re wasting energy.

A new product called the DewStop monitors the humidity and dew point levels in a room and automatically switches the exhaust fan on or off accordingly. It turns on only when the steam in the room becomes too heavy for the air to support, causing moisture to accumulate on surfaces like walls and mirrors. It will run only for the minimal amount of time it takes to keep the room dry. The DewStop switch replaces any existing fan switch, and also features a manual on-off switch and a 30-minute timer. It is available in two models: DewStop FS-100 Fan Switch Only ($49) and DewStop FS-200 Fan & Light Switch ($59).

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