Sleek New Mitsubishi Models Fit More Screen Into the Frame

Mitsubishi TV

Mitsubishi’s Diamond Series LCD

Mitsubishi introduces DLP and LCD TVs, highlighted by its Diamond Series, with Thin Frame bezel design for optimizing screen size.

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There’s more picture, and then there’s more picture. Mitsubishi introduced 17 new TVs last week (nine DLP, eight LCD) at its line show, and not only are they all 1080p resolution HD, but the company has slimmed the bezel of its modern design to fit larger diagonal screen sizes into its models thanks to the Mitsubishi Thin Frame. So for example, the same size bezel that used to house a 37-inch screen size now displays a 40-inch model.

Perhaps the gems of Mitsubishi’s new offerings are its Diamond Series models—three Diamond DLPs and two Diamond LCDs. The Diamond DLPs are available in 57, 65 and 73 inches, with suggested value prices of $3,399, $3,999 and $5,899, respectively. The Diamond LCDs are 46 and 52 inches with suggested value prices of $4,499 and $5,699.

Among the Diamond’s polishings are Smooth120Hz refresh to minimize motion blur, multiple HDMI 1.3 inputs, x.v.Color, Color 4D Video Noise Reduction, Tru1080p processing, PerfectColor, PerfecTing, DeepField Imager and SharpEdge.

The Diamond LCD models are also digital cable ready with a CableCARD slot.

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