Skunkworks’ Flat-Panel and A/V Gear Movers Sweeten Your Setup

skunkworks fenice

Skunkworks’ Fenice system

You can raise, lower, hide and extend your flat-panel display and other components with the Fenice system from Skunkworks.

Jan. 14, 2008 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

The name of the company might be Skunkworks, but their products will leave your home entertainment room smelling sweet as a rose.

Skunkworks new Fenice line of robotic mount and lift solutions allow for the movement of your flat-panel screen, as well as other equipment such as components and projectors, to keep your room as uncluttered as possible and aesthetically pleasing—but still rockin’ when you want.

The Fenice system can be operated manually or via a remote control, and features a memory function so your flat screen or other A/V gear will return to a specific position when you want it raised, lowered, extended or concealed.

Now you just need a handy carpenter friend to build you a great piece of furniture to go along with the Skunkworks’ bag of tricks.

The Fenice has a load-rating of 175 pounds, and kits start at $899.

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