Simon Cowell’s Trailer Has More Tech Than Your Home


Photo courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter.

The "X Factor" judge spends his downtime in an 1,100-square-foot space outfitted with AMX touchscreens, multiple 3D TVs, and more.

Nov. 03, 2011 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

American Idol and The X Factor share a lot of similarities. Both are on Fox, both showcase untapped musical talent, and both have judges—some of the same judges, in fact.

For Simon Cowell, however, the experience of working on the freshman reality competition is very different, thanks to this 1,100-square-foot trailer.

The Hollywood Reporter recently went inside the trailer that Cowell uses on the set of Fox’s The X Factor, and it features more technology than most homes that we’ve seen.

The uber-mogul made a major upgrade from what he was using before. “It’s like Pimp My Trailer,” Cowell told THR. He’s not kidding, either. Custom-built by Anderson Mobile Estates, the 1,100-square-foot mobile office features AMX touchscreens, 26 speakers, and three giant 3D TVs.

Get a closer peek at some of this trailer’s technology in our slideshow.

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