SIM2 Wants You to Trade Up to a LUMIS 3D Projector


The company is inviting those with a 720p 3-chip model to upgrade to something more impressive.

May. 22, 2012 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

If you’re sitting there staring at a 720p image, you may want to upgrade. If you own a 3-chip 720p SIM2 projector, you can actually trade in to trade up.

The company just announced a trade-up program that will allow customers to trade in 720p 3-chip models for credit towards a full HD 3D LUMIS 3D projector. Some of the eligible 720p models include SIM2’s HT500 and C3X series.

SIM2 is tying the trade-up program into the Summer Olympics, but doesn’t say exactly how much you’ll receive for the trade-in. Of course, we’re guessing it will depend on the model and condition of your current product.

“Our 720p projectors were the top of the class in their time, however the stunning improvements made to our LUMIS Series will leave customers speechless when they see the difference,” said Alberto Fabiano, executive VP for SIM2 USA. “So often, customers become used to the picture they are watching, not realizing that there could be a significant improvement available to them. We created this program for our dealers to reconnect with their customer base to offer them an upgrade.”

The LUMIS 3D line currently features four models. The three active 3D models are the LUMIS 3D-S UNO, LUMIS 3D SOLO and LUMIS 3D SOLO HC, with the LUMIS 3D DUO being the line’s one passive 3D unit.

Contact your SIM2 rep or dealer to find out more about trading in your SIM2 projector and for other details on the 3-chip Trade-Up Promotion.

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