SIM2 Adds $80K C3X Lumis 3D Projector


SIM2 has added seven projectors with features including Dark Chip 4 DLP, Hyper-Color, and 3D.

SIM2 adds seven projectors with features including 3x DC4 DLP Chips, Hyper-Color, and dual-projector 3D.

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SIM2 is adding seven projectors to its MICO and C3X LUMIS lines. With prices ranging from $21,995 to $79,999 and features including 3X Dark Chip 4, Hyper-Color, and dual-projector 3D, there’s a model for most luxury or reference theater installations.

One of the most compelling models is the C3X Lumis 3D ($79,999). The dual-projector model brings reference passive 3D to small professional theaters and high-end custom home cinemas. The two projectors are mounted on a custom assembly with micrometric adjustments for optimum convergence.

The C3X Lumis 3D also does not require a silver screen material like most 3D projectors, meaning 2D performance is not compromised. Motorized filters for 2D and 3D content also eliminate compromises in image quality and color rendition.

Other models introduced in the C3X Lumis line include the UNO ($29,999), the first 3-chip Dark Chip 4 projector under $30,000, and the HYPER-COLOR ($41,995), which adds motorized color filters to obtain a range of professional color standards. The HYPER-COLOR is a highly-specialized model and built-to-order.

From the MICO line, new models include the MICO 50 ($21,995) and MICO Connect 60 ($23,995). The MICO 50 features high brightness and SIM2’s PureLED technology for use in a wide variety of lighting conditions. The MICO Connect 60 builds on the MICO 50 with the addition of LAN and Wireless connectivity for integration with home automation and control systems.

Both the MICO 50 and MICO Connect 60 are also available in Short Throw varieties, offering 0.67:1 lenses capable of 100-inch screen sizes from only 4 feet, which is perfect for rear-projection or other instances where extremely short throws are required.

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