SI Makes Installing New Screens an ‘EZ-snap’

si ez-snap

SI Screens’ EZ-snap sliding attachment points

SI Screens' EZ-snap system for installations, which takes only minutes and ensures error-free tensioning, is now shipping.

Dec. 05, 2008 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

SI Screens wants to make your screen installation a snap.

The company is now shipping its “EZ-snap” frames for its Reference and Performance Series projector screens, helping you cut down on the amount of time spent fumbling around with the installation.

The system works pretty basically, with sliding attachment points used to reduce the errors that you may get with fixed snap points on your fixed frames and metal tensioning screen systems.

EZ-snap installs in minutes, according to SI, with improved uniformity of perimeter tension so you don’t get any screen sag over time that will affect the sweet image you’re projecting. The company says it also provides for an option to curve the frame—you’ll get great uniformity from your projector to all points of the screen that way.

EZ-snap is also a universal system, so if you wanted to upgrade to the company’s new Black Diamond or Weave screen materials it really is a snap—and only a few minutes to make the switch.

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