Sharp, RGPC Raise 26’ TV Tree in Grand Central

aquos tree

Sharp’s Aquos Experience in Grand Central is powered by Richard Gray’s products

The Sharp Aquos Experience in New York City's Grand Central Terminal features a 26-foot-tall tower lined with 43 Aquos TVs and powered by Richard Gray's.

Dec. 02, 2008 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Sharp and Richard Gray’s Power Company have brought new meaning to lighting up a Christmas tree.

The Sharp Aquos Experience is on display throughout December in New York City’s Grand Central Terminal and you can’t miss it—it’s a 26-foot-tall “tree” that’s arranged with 43 Sharp Aquos TVs.

Of course, it takes plenty of juice to power the TVs, even if they’re of the more energy-friendly LCD variety. That’s where Richard Gray’s comes in—with an installation of 20 RGPC units that includes seven Substations, six 400 Pros, two 600S and five RGPC extenders.

The displays will show 2-to-3-minute vignettes for a more uniform look, and Richard Gray’s will ensure that the LCDs—which range from 19 to 52 diagonal inches—operate at 100 percent efficiency with clean power that’s isolated from all of the AC line noise in the surrounding environment.

In the spirit of the season, visitors to Grand Central not only get to gawk at the TV tower, but can enter a sweepstakes to win one of the 43 TVs. Sharp will then donate $1 for every person who enters—a minimum of $50,000 and up to $100,000—to the HOPE Program, a charity that helps people find, keep and advance in jobs and is working to launch the “Green Collar Project” that will help people find jobs in an environmental field.

All in all, a nice holiday feast—for the eyes and for charity.

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