Sharp Details Quattron 3D TVs


Sharp’s four LV Series 3D LCDs are based on QuadPixel technology and will hit shelves this fall. (Credit: Sharp)

Will introduce 40-, 46-, 52-, and 60-inch 3D TVs based on QuadPixel technology.

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Sharp is elaborating on 3D TV plans initially announced in April, saying it will release four LV Series AQUOS 3D LCDs this fall in the United States.

Based on Sharp’s Quattron QuadPixel technology that adds a yellow pixel to the existing red, green, and blue, the LV Series will come in 40-, 46-, 52-, and 60-inch screen sizes with some unique features.

Proprietary signaling technology called FRED and high-speed UV2A panels are also intended to increase brightness and reduce crosstalk. According to Pocket-lint, “the TVs are only 39mm thick due to the LED back-lighting.”

The included AN-3DG10 glasses are particularly unique because they allow users to individually select between 2D and 3D viewing by adjusting the shutter sync to show the same image to both eyes.

No word on pricing.

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