Sharp Aquos DX LCDs Enable 7x Blu-ray Recording


Built-in Blu-ray player/recorder enables users to record extra-long HD broadcasts, while maintaining full-HD quality.

Oct. 02, 2009 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Sharp plans to help consumers record giant HD movie files to a Blu-ray disc.

The company is coming out with 13 new Aquos DX Series LCD TVs with built-in Blu-ray players/recorders.

Sharp introduced the DX Series in 2008, but the second edition extends HD video recording time up to seven times the usual length (7X mode). Even at 7X, the recording maintains “the exact same full-HD quality as the original high-definition broadcast,” according to Sharp.

The new TVs come with Sharp’s new Motion Guide, which enables users to browse TV, Internet and Blu-ray content while watching TV in the background.

The Image Select feature automatically adjusts images to the ideal setting based on room brightness and type of TV/video program or scene.

The DX Series TVs, available in sizes from 26 inches to 52 inches, will be demonstrated at CEATEC in Japan next week. They come in black, white and red.

There’s no word on pricing and U.S. release dates.

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