Seura TV Mirrors Let You Watch While You Groom

seura mirror

Seura’s Enhanced Series vanity TV mirror

Seura offers three models of television mirrors for a range of TV sizes, and the ability to have the screen completely disappear when turned off.

Mar. 28, 2008 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Nothing quite says ‘wow factor’ like being able to watch TV through your bathroom mirror. Yes, it might also say ‘excess’ but it’s still pretty cool, and it’s a very sleek way to have an LCD in your large contemporary-designed master bathroom.

Wisconsin manufacturer Seura offers up a line of television mirrors designed to incorporate LCD TVs, and actually uses its mirror technology for smaller displays in bathrooms as well as larger mirrors that can go on any wall as decoration and house traditional-size LCDs.

How hip are these things? Redstone American Grill in Minnesota enlisted Seura to outfit its restaurant with the mirrored products, including having the TVs over urinals. No need to fret about checking those basketball scores while you’re on a date at the Redstone!

Seura’s television mirrors are offered in three series: Enhanced Series, featuring vanity mirrors with vanishing technology so the TV screen isn’t in view when off; Premier Series, for the larger-size decorative art mirrors, also featuring the vanishing technology; and the Decouverte Series vanity mirror that does not incorporate the vanishing tech.

If it’s just a chic mirror you want to jazz up your living space, Seura also manufacturers several models of its illuminated mirrors. Hey, TV in the bathroom’s not for everyone.

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