Sesame Street Enters HD World

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Sesame Street will soon air in HD

Elmo, Big Bird, Oscar the Grouch and friends will be airing in high-definition when Sesame Street's 39th season begins broadcasts in August.

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Sunny days indeed—my toddler daughter doesn’t realize it yet, but this was a banner weekend in her young life. Sesame Street is producing its upcoming season in high-definition, to debut on August 11. Can’t wait to see her eyes light up seeing Elmo in HD!

The Sesame Workshop has gone HD with the help of Sony, which made the announcement and is supplying the high-def cameras and switches that will let kids everywhere see every little texture of muppet monster fur and make Big Bird yellower and Oscar greener than ever.

“The decision to shoot in HD has been so exciting because it has brought ‘the Street’ to life, making our neighborhood of adults, children, monsters, grouches and 8-foot birds come alive,” said Carol-Lynn Parente, executive producer of Sesame Street.

The 39th season of Sesame Street is employing 10 portable and studio HD cameras from Sony. Here’s hoping the songs will feature full surround sound, too.

For anyone of a certain age, the recently introduced Old School volumes of early Sesame Street on DVD are an entertaining stroll down memory lane. Perhaps the New School versions for our own kids will be available on Blu-ray someday.

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