Serious Materials Offers THX-Certified Door

Serious Materials THX Door

Serious Materials says they’ve got the world’s first THX-certified doors in the QuietHome line. Photo courtesy of Gizmodo.

Soundproofing gets a geeky kick, thanks to our buddies at THX.

Sep. 02, 2008 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Serious Materials has announced a seriously cool product. The company says that the latest in their QuietHome line is a first, providing options for a THX-certified soundproof door.

We hear a lot of “firsts.” However, this one seems about right. The company also has THX-certified drywall.

“At THX, we believe great sound and picture is achieved through the right mix of audio-video components, room design, sound isolation and acoustic performance,” said John Dahl, director of education at THX. “For maximum enjoyment of your favorite movies and music, you have to keep the noise out and the sound in. THX-Certified QuietHome Doors—along with THX-Certified QuietRock—help deliver that great listening experience.”

The company says the doors provide “market-leading noise reduction” in a good old stainable wood, pre-hung door package.

While typical hollow-core doors have an STC rating of 15 and solid-core scores a 27, QuietHome gets a 44 for its 1.75-inch thick models. That number also gets bumped to a 51 for 2.25 inches. It also promises anywhere from 65 to 85 percent less noise than your old solid-core door. It looks spiffy as well.

QuietHome Doors cost anywhere from $1,495 to $2,495. Order now and you should receive the product just in time to tune out the family for the holidays.

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