Screen Excellence VistaCurve Immerses Viewers

screen excellence vistacurve

Screen Excellence’s VistaCurve curved screen

The 1.78:1 or 2.37:1 aspect ratio VistaCurve high-performance screens from Screen Excellence start at $5,800 MSRP.

Feb. 11, 2009 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Immersion, drama, authenticity—home theater provides all of these to your movie-viewing experience, especially when you go for the CinemaScope constant height setup.

To correspond better to your anamorphic lens setup, Screen Excellence has introduced its VistaCurve screens designed for those super-wide screen theaters.

The VistaCurve screens eliminate pin-cushioning that can occur with some anamorphic setups, with its slightly curved screen balancing the image all the way from the 80-inch wide starting models to the 160-inch wide limit that will have you thinking you’re sitting in almost a mini-IMAX.

The screens start at $5,800, and you can have them installed as either 1.78:1 or 2.37:1 aspect ratio versions (the 2.37:1 being the constant image height setup in conjunction with the projector and anamorphic lens).

With an eye toward high-end digital cinema, Screen Excellence uses its new Enlightor 4K acoustically transparent screen material with VistaCurve to rid you of any moire effect on the image and any audio hot-spotting.

You also get a spiffy velour-covered 3.7-inch wide radiused frame, plus black backing fabric so there aren’t any light reflections from behind the screen, the company says.

You’ll have to provide that ‘Dark Knight’ or ‘Iron Man’ Blu-ray to properly christen your new VistaCurve, though.

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