Scandyna Adds iPod-Enhanced Amp

Scandyna Amp 2

Scandyna’s Amp 2 combines an amp with an integrated iPod dock.

The Apple-friendly speaker collection shows off floor-standing and bookshelf units -- as well as a new amp.

Jan. 14, 2009 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Scandyna offered up a nifty design twist on the old iPod speaker when they first came out. Like their competitor, iHome, we are always amazed at the amount of iPod-related options the company can crank out. 

CES 2009 saw a few of the company’s newer selections, including the Bigpod and the Smallpod. These have the Scandyna design, in two different packages.The Bigpod is a 17-inch speaker designed to sit on your floor, while the 10-inch Smallpod works nicely in more compact spaces.

However, the one that caught our eye was the Amp 2, an amplfier that sort of looks like a mini barbecue with an integrated iPod dock. The unit includes plenty of inputs, including a phono jack, mini jacks and USB. It also provides FM radio and alarm functions.

The Smallpod is available now in black, white and red for $599 per pair. The Bigpod has the same colors (red is coming next month) for $1,798 for the set. The Amp 2 will come in April in all three colors as well, for $699.

Scandyna products are available in more than 800 stores around the world.

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