Savant Offers Lighting Control Without Savant System

The Internet of Lighting

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Savant Systems, purveyor of premium home automation systems based on Apple platforms, is going mainstream (for them) with standalone Wi-Fi light dimmers and switches employing the Internet of Things.

Unlike other devices in the Savant ecosystem, these multipurpose dimmers and switches need not be integrated into a complete (pricey) Savant system. Users (via professional installers) can simply swap out their dimmers and switches, replace them with one- to six-button Wi-Fi keypads, and launch the free SavantLighting App.

The product line includes both one- and two-gang keypads, retailing for $215 and $430, respectively, including factory engraving.

The double-gangs feature their own on-board processors so they can serve as a system-wide control hub. As long as you have one of them in a system, you don’t need some other central processor (a “host” in Savant parlance) to link together a wide range of devices controlled by multiple keypads – lights, motorized shades, fireplaces and anything else that can be dimmed or switched.

These devices can then be incorporated into scenes via the SavantLighting app. For example, you can trigger a ROMANCE scene that dims the lights and turns on the electronic fireplace. Or you launch a LATE-NIGHT-MUNCHIE scene that lights up a pathway from the bedroom to the kitchen.

Keypad buttons are engraved by the factory.

To get the full Savant experience – two-way monitoring and control of audio, video, lighting, thermostats, security and the like—you’ll still need a host controller, but you can always start with a few keypads now and upgrade to the whole shebang later.

And here’s another goodie: The keypads deliver real-time energy-usage data, so users can track energy consumption (and savings) and change their lighting behaviors to maximize efficiency.

At launch in October of this year, the SmartLighting Wi-Fi products will be sold only through authorized Savant dealers.

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