Savant Modules Can Transmit 1080p Up to 328 Feet


The new SmartLink Digital Modules use the latest HDBaseT technology.

Apr. 30, 2013 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Sometimes you need to get audio and video beyond the couch in your living room. For those of you with larger homes and larger home theater systems, Savant Systems has announced its new SmartLink Digital Modules.

This little add-on can output can transmit audio and video signals up to 1080p over Cat5e or Cat 6, up to 328 feet. It uses the latest HDBaseT technology to make that magic. Savant says that SmartLink service cards are also available for the company’s SmartMediaPro family of controllers.

SmartLink is available in 2- and 4-port versions. The receiving module looks like a wallplate, with Ethernet, HDMI and control outputs all available right on the front. The SmartLink Modules can break out the power, Ethernet and control protocol components of HDBaseT, directing them to a separate cable.

Also sort of interesting is that these modules can provide remote access to diagnostic tools and the status of your HDBaseT connection, real-time monitoring of your video connection, Extended Display Identification Data (EDID) monitoring capability, and more.

“SmartLink modules combine the competitive advantages of HDBaseT technology with Savant’s suite of system monitoring capabilities,” says Jim Carroll, executive VP of corporate strategy and business development at Savant. “With the introduction of our powerful Enterprise Management System later this year, the SmartLink modules will enable integrators to fully leverage HDBaseT technology along with highly advanced diagnostics as part of a uniquely powerful end-to-end solution.”

Savant will start shipping its SmartLink Modules with HDBaseT technology to authorized integrators sometime in the second quarter of 2013.

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