Sanyo Shortens Throw Distance to 3 Inches for LCD Projector

Sanyo projector

Sanyo’s PLC-XL50 LCD projector

Sanyo's PLC-XL50 due out at the end of the year can still output an 80-inch image in tight spaces.

Jun. 29, 2007 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

This projector might not be optimum for home applications, but we wanted to write about it anyway because it’s pretty nifty. It’s the PLC-XL50 from Sanyo, and it doesn’t need much room to throw a big image onto a screen.

The company recently demonstrated the LCD projector at a trade show, how it can project an 80-inch image from a distance of only about 3 inches (8 centimeters) away, making it ideal for space-constricted settings. The PLC-XL50 incorporates a large diameter aspheric lens and high-precision aspheric mirror technology to accomplish that, Sanyo says.

Other features include top and bottom keystone correction for proper alignment, a color board mode allowing for hue adjustment on a non-white surface, and a built-in vibration sensor alert that sounds an alarm when the unit is picked up.

It is expected to be available in December with an MSRP under $5,000.

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