Sanyo Rolls Out Super-Bright Dual-Lamp Projector

sanyo pdg-dht100l

Sanyo’s PDG-DHT100L DLP projector

The PDG-DHT100L DLP projector from Sanyo features two 330-watt HP bulbs, twin color wheel, 6,500 lumens and full HD resolution.

Mar. 10, 2009 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

We’ve seen some big home theaters, and then we’ve seen some truly epic ones—16-foot-wide screens, professional-grade digital projectors and the like.

Those epic scope theaters came to mind upon seeing Sanyo’s latest projector behemoth, the PDG-DHT100L DLP model. Sure, it’s professional class and meant for larger venues, but we can picture it throwing its full HD 1080p signal (sorry, this one’s not 4K) on some massive 2.35:1 home theater setups.

Just about any room condition would appear to work, too, with the PDG-DHT100L’s 6,500 lumens of brightness that makes use of dual 330-watt HP bulbs and twin color wheel system.

The color wheels are user-changeable and designed to optimize the higher brightness and richer color reproduction, so you can go with what fits your particular application best.

A sealed optical engine and Active Maintenance Filter (AMF) system help deliver long life and less maintenance for the projector.

The PDG-DHT100L is also friendly to Sanyo’s Uncompressed HD Data Wireless Transmission System that can project high-def 1080i or 720p images wirelessly, without sync issues, from as much as 100 feet away from the input source. The optical HD wireless transmitter sells separately for $1,895, and the wireless receiver is $895.

The projector itself will ship this month for $21,995 (lens sold separately). Just in time to let you have the biggest outdoor theater this summer—hey, the screen size can go up to 600 inches.

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