Samsung Launches 75-inch LED TV at SpaceFest


Big TV with new smart features

Jul. 18, 2012 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

We think that when space aliens finally make a public appearance on national television Samsung wants to make sure you see it on one of their TVs. That’s why the company is set up this week in New York at the Intrepid for SpaceFest. Among this displays of space things, you’ll see several new Samsung products that it’s launching.

The biggest enterprise of the event is probably the galactic-sized 75-inch ES9000 LED smart TV—Samsung’s biggest yet. To make it stand out from the space shuttle, the ES9000 sports a rose-gold finish.

This TV does all things that Samsung’s other top-line TVs do—3D, media streaming, DLNA, built-in camera, dual-core processor, micro-dimming backlight and both gesture and voice control.  The company is talking gesture control a step further by launching a new Angry Birds app that’s controlled entirely by gesture. To toss eggs at those pigs you just wave your hand—no controller needed. That app will be free later this month on Samsung’s smart TV platform, and since Samsung is the only company offering this kind of gesture control, it’s of course going to be exclusive to their TVs (available on the 7500 series TVs and up).

Another new feature to the ES9000 is Sound Share which wirelessly (via Bluetooth) connects the TV’s audio signal to a Samsung Series 6 or Series 7 wireless audio system (more about those here).

It will be on sale in August for $9,999.

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