S1Digital Blu-ray Changer Integrates with Media Center


S1Digital’s Blu-ray Disc Changer

The Blu-ray disc changer can hold up to 100 discs for you to easily access via metadata and cover art within a Media Center interface.

Feb. 05, 2010 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Hate the lag time it takes to load a Blu-ray disc and get the movie fired up in your system? Or just the time it takes to thumb through your collection and actually find the movie you’re looking for?

If you use an S1Digital Entertainment Server or other form of Media Center, S1Digital wants to help by centralizing your optical disc collection. It’s introducing a Blu-ray Disc Changer that can store up to 100 discs and interfaces with Media Center for simpler navigation and selection.

When you pop a Blu-ray disc or DVD into the changer, the playback software will scan metadata and cover art to automatically download to the connected S1 server or other third-party Microsoft Windows 7 or Vista PC that has Media Center.

All that good information will let you then navigate your collection through the familiar media center interface, and access more information about the movie from your system.

The setup also gives virtually instant access when you go to select that movie, rather than fumbling around or waiting for slow-loading players to boot up.

If the content is non-copy-protected (like Blu-ray home movies from your camcorder), the connected Blu-ray Disc Changer will also automatically archive the disc to the Entertainment Server/Media Center hard drive, catalog it, and find and download the metadata and cover art.

S1Digital’s product is now shipping for an MSRP of $1,499, so check with your custom installer or other reseller.


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