Runco Reaches Farther with Long-throw Projectors


New Ultra versions of four Runco projectors feature longer throw distances for big rooms.

Dec. 06, 2011 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

If you’ve been told that your particular room isn’t suitable for a home theater because the projector would need to be placed too far from the screen, Runco’s new Ultra series may be the solution. The company has taken some of its most popular models and added Ultra versions for longer throw distances (the distance between the projector and screen).

The projectors to receive the Ultra treatment are the the 3Dimension D-73d Ultra, LightStyle LS-HB Ultra, QuantumColor Q-750d Ultra and QuantumColor Q-1500d Ultra.  Throw ratios on the new versions go from 2.40 – 4.00 while the standard lenses sport throws of 1.85 -2.40.

Runco points out that a longer two distance also allows integrators the ability to install projectors in more out-of-the way locations, such as installed in a wall soffit, rather than hanging from a ceiling post in the middle of the room. Interior designers (not to mention the people who live in the house) should like this. With more projectors being installed in multi-use rooms rather than just dedicated theaters, installations that look good when the lights are turned on have become more important.

Prices for the Ultra versions of the projectors below:
D-73d Ultra - $59,995
Q-750d Ultra - $22,995
Q-1500d Ultra - $44,995

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