Runco Puts Video Into Wall

Runco VideoWall VW-100HD

Runco’s VideoWall VW-100HD is ideal for areas where you want a large screen, but can’t do front projection.

The VideoWall VW-100HD projects 100 inches of video from inside the wall.

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There’s nothing like having a pitch-black room for movie time. However, sometimes your setup or the sun doesn’t want to cooperate. Instead of dealing with washed out images, Runco wants to put 100 inches of glare-free fun into your wall.

That’s right—into the wall. The VideoWall VW-100HD sits inside the wall, allowing for a big, beautiful picture even in well-lit environments. This 16:9 system promises a 1920 x 1080 resolution, HDMI and DVI connections (both with HDCP), and Runco’s own Positive Pressure Cooling and Constant Contrast technologies.

With the rear assembly measuring less than 32 inches, this unit is made for tight spaces. Also, since it’s self-contained, you don’t need the usual lengthy throw distance.

“Runco’s in-wall systems are fantastic alternatives to extremely heavy and prohibitively expensive plasma displays of similar sizes as they sit perfectly flush with the wall and do not bear heavy weight on the wall. This simple two-piece solution dramatically reduces installation time, yet provides outstanding video quality in rooms with high ambient light,” stated Matt Christensen, product champion. (How do you get that title?)

Starting in November, the VideoWall VW-100HD will be available for $39,995 via Runco’s authorized dealer network.

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