Runco Launches New Single-chip DLP Under $8K


The LS-HB 1080p projector joins the company’s LightStyle line.

Jan. 19, 2011 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

The brand Runco has been synonymous with luxury home theater gear since, well, since there has been such a thing as luxury home theater. The new LS-HB, while still no entry-level DIY product, expands the market for people who want a Runco in their home.

The LS-HB is a single-chip, 1080p resolution projector based on Runco’s SuperOnyx technology for enhanced contrast. The standard lens has throw of 1.85 - 2.4 (distance/width) with a short throw lens available as an option. In high brightness mode it can put out 2,700 ANSI lumens. In addition to the standard inputs (HDMI, Component …) you get an RS-232 for control systems. In the menu, you get ISF calibration controls, including day and night modes. Image processing is handled by Runco’s onboard ViVix processor.

The LS-HB is also compatible with Runco’s CineGlide option which uses a motorized system to add an anamophic lens for proper reproduction of 2.35:1 material.

“The new LS-HB projector joins our stand-out line-up of LightStyle platforms to create real possibilities for front projectio n in spaces where the only solution previously available might have been a large flat panel television,” says Jennifer Davis, Runco vp of marketing.

It comes in white, or you can select from one of Runco’s FinishPalette options, which covers a whole range of cool designs including sports logos. The LightStyle LS-HB will be available in February from $7,995. The CineGlide option ups the price to $15,995

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