RTI Intros Smokin’ LCD Waterproof Remote Control


The product is much like RTI’s M2 programmable remote released earlier this year, except the U2 floats.

RTI U2 features all the programmability and elegance of RTI's other controllers, but this one won't sink.

Sep. 03, 2007 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

It’s not a true party until someone throws the remote into the pool—or drops it into the toilet. While you may not want to retrieve the latter, Remote Technologies Inc. (RTI) is introducing a remote that can withstand either of those wet and wild rides.

This one sports a sleek form factor and—get this—a bright LCD screen with all of the uber-programmability of RTI’s other LCD remotes. Easy programmability means you aren’t limited to on/off and volume controls. Make your installer work for his money; get him to set up commands such as SPA TIME, where the lights dim and your satellite radio turns on and tunes to the Barry White channel. Oh, baby…

The U2 also uses radio frequency (RF), which means even in your floaties, you can use this remote. It has about a 100-foot range and doesn’t need line-of-site access to your A/V.

Expect the remote to run about $499, not including the cost of the installer you need to get it. The first time it goes on an underwater expedition should be enough to cover that cost.

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