Router Cuts Down Wireless Interference

D-Link Xtreme Duo MediaBridge

D-Link’s Xtreme Duo MediaBridge will ship this fall.

D-Link's upcoming Xtreme Duo MediaBridge boosts wireless networks by using the less-congested 5GHz band.

May. 31, 2007 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

D-Link recently came up with a clever 802.11n wireless application that you can add to your existing 802.11b/g network. Connect the D-Link Xtreme Duo MediaBridge device (DAP-1555) to your existing router to stream multimedia content from PCs to TVs and other entertainment devices over the 5GHz frequency.

The key here is the ability to jump off the congested 2.4GHz band –- which your 802.11b/g traffic and most cordless phones are using— and onto the wide-open 5Ghz band. The result should be video streaming without stuttering and frozen frames you’re likely getting now.

The device attaches to an Ethernet port and sends a dual-band 802.11n signal throughout the home. It can connect up to five devices, such as game consoles, media adapters and DVRs. D-Link suggests users can build a dedicated super-connection by attaching one MediaBridge to the router and a second one to a media device with an Ethernet port.

D-Link announced the Xtreme Duo MediaBridge at WinHec in mid-May, and expects to ship it some time this fall. Pricing has not yet been announced. 

If you’re impatient and have the cash, you could consider buying D-Link’s DIR-655 WiFi Draft-N gigabit Ethernet router, which is shipping now and costs about $180.

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