Rotel’s 15 Series Includes 10 New Products

Rotel 15 Series

Rotel’s RSX-1550 receiver has a 7.1-channel design with 5x100W of onboard class A/B power.

The new line includes receivers, a preamp-processor and power amplifiers aplenty.

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Rotel just released 10 new products under the name of the 15 Series. Shouldn’t it be 10 Series?

Maybe not. The company says there should be additional models in early 2009. For now, the new line will have receivers, a preamp-processor, power amplifiers, and power amplifiers designed exclusively for custom-installation.

“This is Rotel’s most important intro in many years,” says Doug Henderson, Rotel’s VP of Sales & Marketing. It certainly looks like they’ve been busy. “The one thing they do not alter is our company’s commitment to musical performance above all else.”

The new products include:

  • RSX-1550 Home Theater Receiver: 7.1-ch., 5x100W, HDMI v1.3, Faroudja 1080p/24 Hz ($1,999)
  • RSX-1560 Home Theater Receiver: 7.1-ch., 7x100W, HDMI v1.3, Faroudja 1080p/24 Hz ($2,599)
  • RSP-1570 Home Theater Surround Pro/Pre: 7.1-ch., HDMI v1.3, Faroudja 1080p/24 Hz ($2,199)
  • RMB-1565 - Five-Channel Home Theater Power Amp: 5x100W Class D, 2U height ($1,299)
  • RMB-1575 - Five -Channel Home Theater Power Amp: 5x250W Class D, 3U height ($2,799)
  • RB-1562 - Two-Channel Home Theater Power Amp: 2x100W Class D, 2U height ($799)
  • RB-1572 - Two-Channel Home Theater Power Amp: 2x250W Class D, 2U height ($1,299)
  • RB-1510 - Two-Channel Installation Amplifier: 2x65W Class D, 1U height ($499)
  • RMB-1506 - Six-Channel Installation Amplifier: 6x60W Class A/B, 3U height ($999)
  • RMB-1512 - Twelve-Channel Installation Amplifier: 12x100W Class D, 3U height ($2,999)

Each of the new Rotel 15 Series components will be available throughout Q3 and Q4, 2008.

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