Rotel Cranks Out New Processor / Preamp


With 12-volt triggers and RS-232 connections, the RSP-1069 can even connect to home control systems.

The RSP-1069 updates the high-end audio manufacturer line, adding four HDMI inputs and HD/1080i capabilities.

Sep. 07, 2007 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Rotel is a regular around in the audio circles. Audiophiles anxiously awaiting their next release will be happy to meet the RSP-1069 surround processor/preamplifier.

The company says that the unit has the latest and greatest in digital signal processing. Texas Instruments’ Aureus audio-DSP engine does the decoding, and the Faroudja DCDi handles the video processing, up to 1080p.

Rotel really thought of every type of possible hookup. Four HDMI inputs and three HD/1080i-capable component paths are ready to receive any A/V you want to throw at it. There are even 12-volt triggers and RS-232 connections for use with wall controllers, touchscreens and media-control systems. The front, however, is nice and clean—keeping the user interface easy and not too intimidating.

Look for the RSP-1069 (in either black matte or silver) sometime this fall for $2,199.


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