Roku and 3M Partner on Streaming Projector


Pocket-size big screen?

Oct. 08, 2012 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

This pretty neat—a pico projector with Roku built in. Well, maybe it’s not exacty that, but it’s close. The new 3M Streaming Projector is a small projector designed to be used with Roku’s new Streaming Stick. Unfortunately the specs 3M offers are pretty slim, so we don’t know a whole lot about it, including important details like picture resolution.

Still, what we do know makes this new product mashup seem cool. The $299 projector includes a built-in battery with up-to two and a half hours of video life, built-in speakers and a USB jack for the Roku Stick. You also get the Roku Stick (which costs $99 when purchased separately). 3M says the projector reaches 60 lumens, which doesn’t make it a particularly bright projector, even among pico projectors (which can range from around 20 to 200 lumens), though the company says it can project images up to 120 inches. There’s a manual focus, but there doesn’t appear to be any zoom (just move the projector closer). The specs don’t state whether the projector has any inputs other than the USB for the Roku Stick, but since the port is MLH compatible, it will probably also work with MLH compatible smart phones.  It will be available on Oct 22.

Here’s a video that doesn’t tell you much more:

This looks like a fun product for a decent price, but if you’re really interested in an instant home theater-like experience without installing any permanent equipment, we like the Epson MegaPlex because it’s brighter and offers better resolution.

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