Roku Adds USB Support - Finally


XDS owners can rejoice, and start enjoying digital content that's been collecting dust.

Feb. 01, 2011 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

After many months of wondering what that little USB port was going to do for Roku users, we have an answer.

Well, it’s not as much of an answer as it is an upgrade. Roku hasn’t officially announced anything yet, but availability for the Roku USB Media Player channel was announced yesterday via the company’s forum

Once you have the upgrade, you can use your Roku XDS (or the discontinued HD-XR) to play back all of the digital content that’s been collecting dust.

Wait—what year is this? They are just adding USB support now? Well, not exactly. Third-party users added features that Roku could not supply quite some time ago. What does that say about the company? I do love this little box, but in this day and age, it’s slightly old-school (and completely ridiculous) not to include this type of functionality. Way to catch up with the times—unofficially, that is.

It just seems hard enough to compete in the set-top market, and I am wondering if Roku is ready for the long haul. Two other additions in this upgrade include MKV support and a new interface. The latter isn’t really setting the Roku world on fire. However, Engadget users seem to be frothing at the pirating possibilities that MKV will bring to the box’s functionality.

To get the new upgrade, go to the New section of Roku’s Channel Store. From there, you’ll need to download firmware version 2.9 build 1529. You can also just check your box’s setting to see if the update is available.

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