Rocket Server Adds Movies to RVs


Designed for RVs, long haul truckers and marine installations, the server can hold about 100 titles.

Aug. 04, 2011 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

A long trip requires a ton of entertainment. Unfortunately, it’s hard to pack up everything in and around your home theater. The Rocket Movie Server, however, allows you to take a little piece of AV anywhere you go.

The Rocket can hold over 100 movies, but doesn’t require any type of network connection. Designed to withstand and operate in a harsher environment, Fusion Research says that the box is the perfect passenger for an RV, as well as in the trucking and the small marine industries. Also, at just 6-by-7-by-2 inches, the Rocket can operate on a mere 18 watts of power.

“Playback quality is superb, taking full advantage of your particular TV’s HD video capabilities,” says Bob Livingston, publisher of the largest group of RV and Marine magazines in the U.S., the Affinity Group. “Fusion’s Rocket Movie Server adds a whole new dimension to collecting and watching movies in a motorhome, and can easily be moved to the house when your coach is sidelined.”

The rocket Movie Server is available now, through Fusion Research’s website. The MSRP on the product is $1795.

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