Richard Gray Puts Power for 3 in the Wall

RGPC PowerLink 3G

RGPC’s PowerLink 3G provides a three-gang configuration for on-demand, conditioned power to three remote locations.

The PowerLink 3G in-wall extension kit can connect to up to three devices.

Aug. 28, 2008 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Clean power doesn’t always leave a clean setup. For those occasions where you don’t want to add a box into the mix, Richard Gray’s Power Company has the PowerLink 3G.

This in-wall solution adds power protection to the outlet, for up to three wall-mounted displays or other non-rack products. Aside from easy access to RGPC technology, users will appreciate a cleaner-looking setup. The 3G also boasts a simple, safe install, since no “live connection” to the breaker box is needed.

However, the 3G does not work alone. The unit needs to be connected to the RGPC 400S, 600S, 1200S or PowerHouse parallel inductor unit, via the supplied 12-AWG male to female power cord.

“While still adhering to the National Electrical Code, installers have been forced to invent creative ways to wire their customers’ wall-mounted displays to our power delivery units,” said Rick Komendera, RGPC’s president. “PowerLink 3G relieves installers of the need to develop these workarounds by providing an electrically safe and compliant method to extend our power protection to up to three remote devices. Better still, end users get a cleaner installation in the process.”

The PowerLink 3G is available exclusively through RGPC dealer/installers for $550.

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