Ricavision’s Ultra Affordable Remote for Media Center

ricavision remote

Ricavision’s Media Center remote and receiver

Windows Vista Media Center remote control from Ricavision is just $7 for the remote, $30 for the remote and receiver package.

Oct. 22, 2007 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Perhaps you already own a remote control for your Media Center PC experience. If you don’t, though, it might be tough to beat the deal Ricavision has for that big green buttoned-remote.

The company is offering its remote control for just $7. That’ll help you navigate and peruse all of the digital files to select from using the friendly on-screen menus of Media Center, plus you can do cool stuff like edit your digital photos just by using the remote.

A package that includes the remote and RC6 receiver is $29.99.

You can check out the remotes and Ricavision’s other Media Center related products at www.ricavisionplix.com. At $7 bucks a pop, you might want an extra so there’s no fighting over who gets to control the remote—or take the batteries out and give it to your baby as a toy (hey, mine would want extra hands if it meant she could carry more than two remotes around at a time).

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