REX Amp Is Balanced Audio’s New Monoblock King


The latest audiophile product from Balanced Audio Technology is said to deliver improved signal clarity.

Jul. 12, 2010 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

For years, Balanced Audio Technology (BAT) has catered to a small, but loyal group of audiophiles. With the release of its latest product, the REX amplifier, the company should continue to make its dealers and enthusiasts happy.

The REX replaces the company’s VK-75SE/VK-150SE models and like other BAT products, the amp employs customized oil-filled capacitors in important areas of the power supply. Unique to this product, the company eliminated the typical power supply rail fuses from the signal path.

BAT says the elimination of these wires along with multiple fuseholders that are associated with the rail fuses improves signal clarity.

To further protect signal clarity, the amp also utilizes protection circuits that eliminate the fuses that most amps use to protect tubes, and with the combination of the amp’s auto-bias circuit, dealers and clients don’t need to use meters to adjust tube bias.

Using a zero-feedback, triode, fully symmetrical design approach in combination with 6C33C-B tubes in the output stage, the monoblock REX is rated to deliver 160 watts of power and the stereo version of the amp is rated to deliver 80 watts per channel. Plus it just looks cool with those exposed tubes.

Check with your local audio dealer for pricing and availability.

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