Report Finds 3D TV Gaining Momentum

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Do you expect 3D to go mainstream in the next couple of years?

A new study by Quixel Research found that 75 percent of respondents have had a 3D experience, and 73 percent would recommend 3D.

Nov. 19, 2008 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Is 3D television and movies really the next big thing? Are consumers ready for 3D, glasses and all?

A new study by market research firm Quixel Research says that 3D is gaining support out there, and that many expect the content and anticipate content arriving to their TVs in the next couple of years.

In a survey of more than 750 HDTV owners, the study “3D Displays for Mainstream Consumers” reports that:

  • 75 percent of respondents have watched something in 3D
  • And 73 percent said they would recommend 3D to family and friends
  • About half want to watch 3D at home—more so by the younger demographic
  • More than one-third expect 3D TV within one to two years
  • Almost half said they had a high preference to get 3D through cable/satellite, and even more said they’d like it via Blu-ray
  • More than half said 3D makes movies and games more enjoyable.

And what about those glasses? Quixel reports that respondents find the glasses to be a distraction, but not enough of one to deter them from watching 3D—however, sub groups within the research showed that we’d pay more for 3D TV without the glasses.

Finally, Quixel says that the differing opinions, both positive and negative, overall gave the impression that consumers don’t think 3D is a fad or gimmick. Having seen several 3D demos (some scenes in “Beowulf” looked cool) in the last year and read about an influx of 3D gaming, I don’t think I’d be ready to incorporate 3D to my viewing in heavy doses, but that’s just me. What do you guys think?



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