Relax in Bass’ Zoob As You Enjoy the Tube

bass zoob

Bass Industries’ Zoob 2

The Zoob 2 from Bass Industries is available in a multitude of colors and cushy nusuede for your media room.

Mar. 28, 2008 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Watching a movie on your big-screen plasma, LCD or projection screen is great because of the video, but if you don’t have a comfortable seat you might not make it through three hours of a Lord of the Rings movie in one sitting.

Fortunately companies like Bass Industries offer plenty of great seating options. We’re not sure where they got the name, but Bass’ new Zoob 2 sofa-like piece looks like something you could really sink softly into as you enjoy the flick.

The Zoob 2 features nusuede material in a variety of colors: Powder Blue, Camel, Cobalt Blue, Orange, Red, Mahogany, Chocolate, Black, White, Cream, Lime, Avocado. That should match just about any decor your room has.

As a single it has dimensions of 72w x 25h x 60d inches; in a two-unit “S” configuration the dimensions go to 132 x 25 x 60.

Just try not to fall asleep during the movie while lounging in this cozy seating. You can request more info from Bass Industries.

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