Redux Pushes Your Favorite Videos to Boxee


It's like the Pandora for Internet video.

Feb. 24, 2010 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address), a website that aggregates free web videos based on your preferences and interests, is releasing its first application for the Boxee media center

Similar to Pandora, Redux offers channels based on search terms, genres, celebrities, Avatar Cats, or almost any other criteria you can think of to type into a text box. The goal is to eliminate endless Web searching and push video content you’re interested in directly to you. 

The new app takes this push media approach a step further by bringing Redux to your TV through Boxee. Regardless of the platform you have Boxee running on (Max OS X, Windows, Linux, AppleTV, and likely the new D-Link Boxee Box), you can install the Redux app directly from the Boxee Featured Apps page. 

“I love Redux on Boxee,” says Boxee CEO Avner Ronen. “It takes the pressure off me to decide exactly what I want to watch, and gives me channels of content around some of my favorite subjects like WTF videos or great music. Redux is pushing the limits of the space and really experimenting with what TV could be.”

So, if you’re wasting too much time searching for Internet videos when you could instead be wasting that time actually watching them, check out the Redux website and the new Redux app for Boxee to streamline your tomfoolery and bring all those shenanigans to your living room TV.

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