Redbox Goes Blu—for a Buck!


Redbox currently has more than 9,000 locations nationwide.

The supermarket kiosks are adding cheap Blu-ray rentals to its offering.

Dec. 01, 2008 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Now there’s another reason for you to hit Walmart. Aside from low-low prices, the retailer will have Redbox kiosks stocked with $1 Blu-ray rentals.

The company says that it will start stocking Blu-ray titles in some of its kiosks, which are found in many grocery and Walmart stores. The move will start in a few select locations, so don’t expect every outlet to have them. If you do find one, consider it to be high-def gold; those rentals will only be a buck each. 

Blu-ray offerings will include titles from Anchor Bay, Funimation, DreamWorks, Universal, and Disney, says Home Media Magazine. Having the Universal titles is sort of a big deal, considering the two companies are embroiled in a lawsuit over anti-trust laws.

Rival DVDPlay recently announced it would also start offering Blu-ray rentals in its kiosks. Select titles are available at 60 of the retailer’s 1,300 machines. Those rentals range from $1 to $1.49 each.

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